Chemical Transports

We offer you the latest technology for modern transportation.

We offer you the right transport equipment for your high-value special products from the chemical sector.

Our experienced dispatchers are familiar with the requirements of the chemical industry. Our state-of-the-art fleet meets all environmental and safety standards for the transport of:

  • Technical gases (in the tank trailer or container chassis/tank container with pump) 
  • Ethanol (in the tanker)

State-of-the-art fleet equipment:

  • Electric and hydraulic pumps with suitable connecting pieces and hose types
  • Compressor
  • ANA System (attention button with emergency stop)
  • Vapour return hose
  • Multiple chambers
  • Limit indicator (overspill protection)
  • ADR transports
  • Customs seal

You can of course also store your products in our chemicals warehouses.


Jürgen Kniehl
Manager FTL/LTL Services
Tel.: 07131/1573-3161
Fax: 07131/1573-7940