Container Handling

Safety first!

Applies to all our products and services. In particular, however, for the handling of containers. Increased transport volumes, increased volumes and the resulting ever-growing number of ships harbor corresponding risks and risks. Even a single wrong or inadequately secured container can have catastrophic consequences at sea. Therefore, we rely on the latest techniques, especially, continuously trained staff and a complete documentation of all processes. Of course, taking into account all internationally applicable rules and regulations.

Handling of overseas container in incoming goods:

  • Verification of freight documentation (IMO, customs, ADR)
  • Removal of the transport locks in the container
  • Unloading the container using suitable aids
  • Neutralisation of the container for onward transport (removal of ADR labelling if necessary)

Handling of overseas container in outgoing goods:

  • Extensive inspection of the empty container before loading using a specified checklist (damage, inspection periods, etc.).
  • Detailed check of the suitability of the driving personnel (ADR certificate)
  • Loading of hazardous materials at ground level or stacked in 20" and 40" containers
  • Comprehensive load securing during loading using airbags, belts & lashings and IPPC-treated empty pallets
  • Determination of the gross and net weights of the total container incl. container, goods and securing materials
  • Labelling of the container in compliance with the law in accordance with the specifications of the goods to be transported
  • Verification, completion and handing over of the container freight documents to the driving personnel (IMO, CMR, customs etc.):


Matthias Seyfarth