Express Deliveries

Fast - flexible - reliable! 24 hours - 365 days a year

Every day we conduct over 80 express deliveries for our customers. From the passenger car to the mega-trailer, we always provide you with the right means of transport.

Our services in the express delivery sector:

  • Certified (TÜV DIN/EN: ISO) partner in all of Germany and Europe (direct tours and express deliveries Germany-wide and Europe-wide)


  • Airplane and helicopter chartering/global on-board-courier


  • Access to vehicles of all types and sizes as well as transparent information regarding the transport by means of GPS


  • Customs clearance


  • Procurement logistics


  • Warehouse service


  • Personal contact persons who can be reached around the clock and seven days a week


  • Milk runs


  • Cross docking


  • Hazardous goods transports


  • Passenger car transports


  • Individual service by our experienced team


Gian Franco Greco
Tel.: 07131/1573-3218
Fax: 07131/1573-7902