High End Logistics with Fritz

Logistics today means more than the general organisation and allocation of goods, information and people flow.

We understand modern logistics as the creation of tailored processes and solutions along the value chain – conceived individually for every customer and his or her needs. Thereby, every customer receives their logistical “made-to-measure suit” – cost-effective and highly efficient.

Constant process observation, verification, process optimisation and information transparency provide the decisive advantages for our customers.

Because of our decades of experience in the sector of logistical services, we are always ready to and capable of going down new paths together with our customers in order to meet the most individual requirements and wishes. In-house logistics, outsourcing, state-of-the-art warehouse logistics, automotive and chemical logistics, engineering logistics, consumer goods logistics and the commissioning of parts (also in the Multi Order Picking procedure) – there is barely a logistics bridge we cannot cross.

We enjoy tackling new challenges and are always highly motivated, innovative and curious. However, we always rely on our experience. We don’t conduct experiments with unknown results. Therefore, we openly communicate whenever there might be a logistical task which we cannot fulfil 100 %.

Through the permanent exchange of planning-relevant data, we can synchronise procurement, production and sales planning at the different levels and thereby react to disturbances immediately.

We are your reliable, experienced and competent partner. Open, prompt communication, clever emergency concepts and 24 hour reachability of contact persons guarantee the highest possible reliability and service.

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We will gladly visit you at your location, or you can pay us a visit and we can show you our range of products and our warehouses in real-time operation.

FAQs - You have questions about our high-end logistics? Then you will already find the first answers here, which we have compiled for you!

What storage options do you offer?

Our industry focus is on automotive, engineering logistics, food and chemical logistics. In line with these industry requirements, we offer you different storage options for individual needs.

What are the packaging options?

As the customer, you specify the packaging. Because you know the requirements of your goods in shipping. We will be happy to advise you on the requirements of the individual types of transport. Please contact our managing partner, Mr. Wolfram Fritz, at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or call +49 7131/1573-3111.

What are the costs?

The logistics costs depend on the rental period, the handling costs and the storage and retrieval costs. For concrete cost planning, please contact our managing partner, Mr. Wolfram Fritz, at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or by phone at +49 7131/1573-3111.

Is there a minimum storage quantity?

Yes, this is determined individually in the offer.

Are our stored goods insured?

Which insurance is taken over by whom is regulated individually by contract.

What kind of products can I store with you?

This depends on the requirements of the products for the storage location. As a rule, we do not store refrigerated products and class 1 and 7 hazardous substances.

Do you have further or other questions? Then please feel free to contact us.

You can reach your contact person, our managing partner Mr. Wolfram Fritz, directly at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or by phone at +49 7131/1573-3111.