Award for our Energy Scouts

Congratulations on the bronze medal!!!

Energy efficiency and sustainable development can be learned:

The IHK Heilbronn-Franken, the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, the Fritz Gruppe and numerous other companies in the region regularly take part in the "Energyscouts meet NEAzubis" project. The NE in the name NEAzubis stands for "Nachhaltige Entwicklung (sustainable development)". The aim is to introduce young people to resource efficiency, environmental protection, and sustainability management as important components of their future working lives.

In cooperation with lecturers from the field, the participants learn to understand that even small amounts of energy can be saved, resources conserved and the environment protected - not only in theory, but also in practice in the form of self-defined environmental projects, which should be presented at the training and then implemented in the company. Our trainees even decided on two projects. The first one examined whether it is worth it for the company to purchase a compacting dumpster. The compactor presses large amounts of waste into bales, which are then stored on the shelves to save space. In addition to saving space, our disposal partners need to make fewer pick-up trips due to the reduced waste volumes. On the other hand, our trainees considered the expansion of the photovoltaic system on our general cargo warehouse in Franz-Reichle-Strasse 2 (Böllinger Höfe). Since 2012, efficient and resource-saving solar systems have been installed at the Pfaffenstraße 13 location.

These projects were presented by our trainees to a specialist jury and placed third in the first attempt.  At the awards ceremony on June 1, 2016, the jury members honored the 36 participating trainees from various companies with the words: "your projects on sustainability and energy efficiency in the company are outstanding examples of how our youth is committed to a livable future and the preservation of our living space. Every one of them has done something unique and should rightfully feel that they have won. " So the director of the Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg, Gerhard Moll.

We thank our trainees for their great dedication and their clever and creative ideas and are very proud of their success!