"In 36 years with the company, one thing has never changed: Cohesion is a top priority for us. We support each other beyond our own sphere of activity. Our supervisors and colleagues are always there for each other."

Ute Metzger, Head of Personnel and Training Department,
36 years of employment


On the way to the future!

The Fritz Gruppe employs approximately 650 employees and currently trains young men and women in five professions:

”The first step is always the hardest”

This is why we at Fritz attempt to ease the career entry of young professionals.

Every year the training at Fritz begins with the so-called “Fritz Week”, a one week workshop. Here, the entry-level professionals receive practical advice for their day to day business.

The joy of learning must not take a back seat: from the trainee regulars’ table to out of town football matches with trainees of other companies, environmental projects and school exchange programs of individual trainees that span multiple weeks: Fritz offers a lot to newcomers.

Through all the fun, training has to be successfully completed. Fritz puts a high emphasis on good results which are soon rewarded.

Most important: Provided that the performance is right, every trainee is recruited as a regular employee at the end of the training period.

Improve yourself. Start your career at Fritz!

Business person for forwarding and logistics services
Warehouse logistics specialist
Professional driver
Business person for office management
Automotive mechatronics specialist