Fritz Gruppe will not participate in LogiMAT, due to Corona.

Dear Business Partners,

the Fritz Gruppe will not participate in LogiMAT this year due to the constantly increasing risk of infection from the corona virus.

We greatly appreciate the personal contact, the great exchange, the cozy interaction with you and we therefore greatly regret that we have to cancel the participation. From our point of view, however, participating in a trade fair is currently an incalculable risk to which we do not want to expose our employees and business partners.

Even if it is hard. Safety and health must always be a priority.

However, we are optimistic about the trade fair next year and are already looking forward to welcoming, informing and hosting you at LogiMAT 2021.

And of course we are also very happy to be a good discussion partner and host in Heilbronn. Visit us!

Kind regards and above all: stay healthy!

LogiMAT 2019 19.02. to 21.02.2019, Hall 1, Booth A02

visit us at LogiMAT 2019!

We are looking forward to interesting talks, active exchange of informations and relaxing get together with you, already.

Make your reservation for a meeting beforehand. To do so, please call or email us and state your desired contact:

Call Silvia Funovics 07131/1573-3212 or email veranstaltung@fritz-gruppe.de . This email can be used as well to request free vouchers for you and your accompanying persons.

Of course we are looking after your wellbeing as well, with freshly tapped beer (non alcoholic as well), grilled sausages and other goodies.

We are looking forward to seeing you

Hall 1, booth A02


10th Heilbronner Stimme Company Run – Fritz Gruppe back at the start

The 10th Heilbronner Stimme Company Run broke all records. With approximately 7,500 runners, the Heilbronner Stimme Company Run was completely sold out. After less than 3 minutes, all starting positions were taken.

Also in terms of temperature, this year’s company run was on record. With crisp 30 degree evening sun the starting signal for the jubilee Heilbronner Stimme Company Run was given. In the midst of it our highly motivated teams: Run4moreFun, Run Fourrest Run, Flitz Gruppe, B2Run, Speedmaster, Running Wonder 4.0 and Sitz Gruppe.

And our teams lived up to their name. With super individual and overall times, the runners crossed the finish line confidently. Which was a real masterpiece given the almost tropical temperatures.

Congratulations and our full respect for this great achievement !!!

But most important: All runners had their powers correctly estimated and paced and broke well and happy into the home stretch.

In a good mood and admirably fresh, after the 5.75 km run our “heroes” returned to our Fritz Gruppe meeting point for a cozy “after-run meeting”.

Sportive performance, team experience, goose bumps, when 7 500 runners start “at the same time” (you really have to have experienced that), a cozy get-together, we were able to experience all that during the company run.

Thanks to all runners for their great commitment and also many thanks to the “non-running” employees who were on site and supported their colleagues loudly.

Our very special thanks also go to the runners who helped out for our “shortfalls” at very short notice and having sensational run times also.

Speaking of “Sensational Run Times”: Best runner of the Fritz Gruppe with a time of 00:26:59 is Mr. Jochen Liebendörfer. Best female runner of the Fritz Gruppe is Mrs. Peggy Klotz with a great time of 00:34:04. Chapeau !!!

We look forward to the starting shot for the 11th Heilbronner Stimme Firmenlauf 2019!

2nd place for Fritz apprentice project \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”ECOScouts\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”

For the third time, the Fritz Gruppe successfully participated in the trainee project “ECOScouts”.

Our trainees Sophia Sinn and Rümeysa Yildizli presented their project work “Reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of Eco Tires” and the results hereof before the expert jury on Friday, April 20th.

We are happy that the diligence and the effort paid off and were rewarded with an excellent 2nd place!

It is the many big and small steps, projects like this, the awareness in all areas and all the employees that lead to the success and continuous improvement of our environmental management.

We congratulate our two apprentices on this great success. We are very proud of you!

What is the project “ECOScouts”?

The trainees learn step by step how to identify potentials for improvement in the energy and environmental sectors and to identify, collect and analyze the necessary data. Afterwards, appropriate optimization measures are worked out, savings are calculated and a project outline is prepared. A training day on project management topics completes the three days of attendance and heralds the two and a half month project phase. In their own company, the apprentices then work on their own project and present it to a jury.

The EnergyScouts project was launched by the company ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG. Since 2010, young trainees have been qualified in the field of energy efficiency. The IHK Heilbronn-Franken was involved early in the project.
In cooperation with the Heilbronn University, the EnergyScouts and the NEA trainees started in 2015. In addition to energy efficiency and climate protection, the topics “sustainable development” and “environmental protection” were included in the training program for the first time. This resulted in the EcoScouts in 2017.

More informations within the IHK-Flyer (page 30 and 31 features the Fritz Gruppe) (unfortunately in german only)

LogiMAT 2018

Nice that you were there!

Last year, the number of visitors to our booth was overwhelming. And, what we hardly thought possible, this year it was even topped.

Once again you have given us an entertaining and very interesting fair. For this and for your great interest in our company and our actions, we thank you very much.

We are looking forward to being a good host and conversation partner at the LogiMAT 2019.

PS: A big thank you also goes to the many helpers and contributors before and behind the scenes.

Fritz trainees show they have a heart

Put on your warm clothes...if it would be that easy for everyone...


Zieh Dich warm an...wenn es für alle nur so einfach wäre....

Hier, mitten unter uns, im wohlhabenden Deutschland, in unserer Region leben Menschen, die aufgrund von Krankheit, schweren Schicksalsschlägen, Arbeitslosigkeit oder anderen tragischen Umständen auf die Hilfe Dritter angewiesen sind.
Diese Hilfe möchten wir gerne leisten. Und so haben sich unsere Auszubildenden des 2. Lehrjahres dazu entschieden, ein neues „Corporate Volunteering Projekt" zu starten.
In Kooperation mit der Heilbronner Initiative „Zeig Herz für Heilbronn“ sammeln die Fritz Gruppe Azubis Kleider- und Sachspenden für obdachlose Mitbürger aus der Region. Ob warme Mäntel, Stiefel, dicke Pullover, Decken oder sonstige wärmende Textilien, alles wird bitter nötig gebraucht und dankend entgegengenommen.
Hierzu haben die Azubis eigenhändig Behältnisse gebastelt, beklebt und individuell liebevoll gestaltet und an verschiedenen Standorten der Fritz Gruppe aufgestellt.
Alles, was hier gesammelt wurde, wird persönlich übergeben, so dass alle Spenden garantiert 1:1 bei den Bedürftigen ankommen.
Das Schönste an diesem Projekt ist natürlich, dass wir anderen Menschen, denen das Schicksal nicht so wohlgesonnen ist, helfen können. Aber wir, die Fritz Gruppe, freuen uns auch unglaublich darüber, wieviel Bewusstsein, wieviel echtes Mitgefühl und soziales Herz in unseren Auszubildenden steckt. Und dass es eben nicht beim Mitleid bleib, das nützt keinem, sondern, dass sie selbst anpacken. Jeder Schritt zählt, man muss nicht gleich die ganze Welt verändern, man kann sie auch in kleinen, aber gegangen Schritten ein bisschen besser machen.
Danke an unsere tollen Azubis!!!

Heilbronner Stimme Company Run 2017

- with Fritz as a sponsor at the start

True to our motto "With many vices, one can walk quietly..."

20 runners from Fritz Gruppe went in a good spirits and got ready for the start. Whether Team Laufwunder 4.0, Geile Fritz Kiste, The Running Gags, Run4You or TheRunning4, all our athletes were highly motivated for the Fritz Gruppe. With a record number of approximately 7,600 runners, more participants started than ever before. A huge spectacle, a big party, a great event that you just have to experience live - it gives you goose bumps.

The best runner from the Fritz Gruppe was Florian Kopek, who sprinted to a finish time of 0:26:23, being the first of our team to cross the finish line after the 5.75 km. Chapeau!

Heike Kreuzpointner crossed the finish line as the fastest female runner on the Fritz team, with an athletic time of 0:33:34. Congratulations!

We are thrilled and impressed by how much all our participants contributed to the Heilbronner Stimme Company Run: training in their free time, creative ideas and a wonderful team spirit, awesome! THANK YOU!

Our thanks especially go to the runners who jumped in at the last minute for sick or unavailable colleagues on short notice.

Our conclusion: you got to be there again in 2018 !!!

PS: @All employees, promised: next time there will be real good "Leible" (jerseys).

Fritz EnergyScouts awarded again!

"Reduction of CO emissions through the use of an alternative fuel truck "

This is the topic of the latest environmental project from our EnergyScouts.

After winning 3rd place in June of this year, our EnergyScouts were again honored by the expert jury on 11/24/16 for their sustainable thinking and action. And this time they were even allowed to hang the silver medal around their neck: 2nd place for our EnergyScouts !!!

A great recognition for their consistent and persistent continuation of previous - also excellent - ideas.

Think long-term, develop, stick to it, put theory into practice - our youth understand what sustainable thinking and acting means.

We are very proud of how much passion and great ideas our trainees are involved in and contribute to the topic of "green logistics".

Thank you and congratulations!!!

Award for our Energy Scouts

Congratulations on the bronze medal!!!

Energy efficiency and sustainable development can be learned:

The IHK Heilbronn-Franken, the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, the Fritz Gruppe and numerous other companies in the region regularly take part in the "Energyscouts meet NEAzubis" project. The NE in the name NEAzubis stands for "Nachhaltige Entwicklung (sustainable development)". The aim is to introduce young people to resource efficiency, environmental protection, and sustainability management as important components of their future working lives.

In cooperation with lecturers from the field, the participants learn to understand that even small amounts of energy can be saved, resources conserved and the environment protected - not only in theory, but also in practice in the form of self-defined environmental projects, which should be presented at the training and then implemented in the company. Our trainees even decided on two projects. The first one examined whether it is worth it for the company to purchase a compacting dumpster. The compactor presses large amounts of waste into bales, which are then stored on the shelves to save space. In addition to saving space, our disposal partners need to make fewer pick-up trips due to the reduced waste volumes. On the other hand, our trainees considered the expansion of the photovoltaic system on our general cargo warehouse in Franz-Reichle-Strasse 2 (Böllinger Höfe). Since 2012, efficient and resource-saving solar systems have been installed at the Pfaffenstraße 13 location.

These projects were presented by our trainees to a specialist jury and placed third in the first attempt.  At the awards ceremony on June 1, 2016, the jury members honored the 36 participating trainees from various companies with the words: "your projects on sustainability and energy efficiency in the company are outstanding examples of how our youth is committed to a livable future and the preservation of our living space. Every one of them has done something unique and should rightfully feel that they have won. " So the director of the Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg, Gerhard Moll.

We thank our trainees for their great dedication and their clever and creative ideas and are very proud of their success!

LogiMAT 2016

This year we were very pleased again about the high number of visitors at our booth at LogiMAT 2016.

Away from the hectic of everyday life, there was time and leisure for indepth communication and sharing of information with our business partners, friends and guests.

Even our trainees visited us at LogiMAT this year. Well refreshed, they started their tour of the fair. They returned tired and with sore feet but in a good mood and told us of their impressions and experiences before they left for their journey home.

We enjoy being at the LogiMAT every year. It is nice seeing familiar faces, meeting new people and presenting our products to the wider public.

Thanks to everyone who visited us. Thanks for three great days at the LogiMAT.

Hope to see you at the LogiMAT 2017!