Environmental Guidelines

As a future-oriented logistics company and in the interest of coming generations, we are posed with the challenge of intelligently combining ecological and economic necessities. Therefore, we preserve the opportunities and agency of our descendants through our responsible actions.

The Fritz Gruppe is aware of its responsibility for mankind and the environment. The protections of the environment, the safety of our employees as well as the prevention of accidents are therefore important components of our company policy.


Andreas Nohe
Safety and Environment
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"In my work, I have great freedom and implement my tasks independently. Great trust is placed in us employees. You can tell that team building is very important to the management. That's why the team is very open and helpful to each other."

Andreas Nohe - Safety and Environment
11 years with the company

Green Logistics

To us, ”Green Logistics" means the holistic transformation of logistics strategies, structures, processes and systems within the Fritz Gruppe itself as well as in our company networks in order to create environmentally compatible and resource-efficient logistics processes.

Our Green Logistics target system strives for the creation of a sustainable company value through balancing economic and ecological efficiency. Our primary environmental objectives serve the reduction of energy consumption, resource conservation, waste management and the observation of greenhouse gases and the targeted reduction of these over the years. This requires overseeing and improving strategic measures in order to achieve the goals of our company policy.