Heilbronner Stimme Company Run 2017

- with Fritz as a sponsor at the start

True to our motto "With many vices, one can walk quietly..."

20 runners from Fritz Gruppe went in a good spirits and got ready for the start. Whether Team Laufwunder 4.0, Geile Fritz Kiste, The Running Gags, Run4You or TheRunning4, all our athletes were highly motivated for the Fritz Gruppe. With a record number of approximately 7,600 runners, more participants started than ever before. A huge spectacle, a big party, a great event that you just have to experience live - it gives you goose bumps.

The best runner from the Fritz Gruppe was Florian Kopek, who sprinted to a finish time of 0:26:23, being the first of our team to cross the finish line after the 5.75 km. Chapeau!

Heike Kreuzpointner crossed the finish line as the fastest female runner on the Fritz team, with an athletic time of 0:33:34. Congratulations!

We are thrilled and impressed by how much all our participants contributed to the Heilbronner Stimme Company Run: training in their free time, creative ideas and a wonderful team spirit, awesome! THANK YOU!

Our thanks especially go to the runners who jumped in at the last minute for sick or unavailable colleagues on short notice.

Our conclusion: you got to be there again in 2018 !!!

PS: @All employees, promised: next time there will be real good "Leible" (jerseys).