Container Handling

Safety first!

Applies to all our products and services. In particular, however, for the handling of containers. Increased transport volumes, increased volumes and the resulting ever-growing number of ships harbor corresponding risks and risks. Even a single wrong or inadequately secured container can have catastrophic consequences at sea. Therefore, we rely on the latest techniques, especially, continuously trained staff and a complete documentation of all processes. Of course, taking into account all internationally applicable rules and regulations.

Handling of overseas container in incoming goods:

  • Verification of freight documentation (IMO, customs, ADR)
  • Removal of the transport locks in the container
  • Unloading the container using suitable aids
  • Neutralisation of the container for onward transport (removal of ADR labelling if necessary)

Handling of overseas container in outgoing goods:

  • Extensive inspection of the empty container before loading using a specified checklist (damage, inspection periods, etc.).
  • Detailed check of the suitability of the driving personnel (ADR certificate)
  • Loading of hazardous materials at ground level or stacked in 20" and 40" containers
  • Comprehensive load securing during loading using airbags, belts & lashings and IPPC-treated empty pallets
  • Determination of the gross and net weights of the total container incl. container, goods and securing materials
  • Labelling of the container in compliance with the law in accordance with the specifications of the goods to be transported
  • Verification, completion and handing over of the container freight documents to the driving personnel (IMO, CMR, customs etc.):


Matthias Seyfarth

Modern Warehouse Logistics

Today this means, first and foremost, to have optimal and highly efficient storage systems for our customers at the ready.

We have the latest storage systems at our disposal, which we adjust flexibly to your individual needs. Intricate warehouse strategies, decades of experience and constantly trained personnel guarantee the best storage administration possible for your goods from trade and manufacturing.

A sample from our services offer:

  • Commissioning/assembly of components
  • Container stowing
  • Box packaging
  • Repacking
  • Outsourcing of, for example, incoming and outgoing goods, packaging and parts of production
  • Consignment stock processing
  • Block and high-rack shelves
  • New, bright warehouses, sub-divided fire areas
  • Heatable storage areas
  • Offloading under canopy via ramp and docking station
  • Heavy duty unloading of up to 32 tonnes by means of a suspension crane possible: pallets, boxes, crates, containers, cylinders, overlong and heavy goods (suitable storage areas for almost every product)
  • Paper-free processing through scanning
  • State-of-the-art warehouse software with many individual solutions for interfaces (for example SAP interface)
  • FiFo, batch and BBD management go without saying
  • AEO certification
  • Certification: ISO 90002/2007

Come visit us. We will gladly and without obligation give you insight into our storage systems, warehouses and our way of working.


Matthias Seyfarth

Engineering Logistics

Profit from our decades of experience:

From controlling, processing and organisation of your entire material and goods flows and the flows of information connected to them to the latest fleet control and effective material disposal: We have the right logistics concept for you – tailored, efficient and individual.

With our know-how, we accompany you through all operational value stages.

Trust the professional: We are happy to tailor a logistics concept for you.


Matthias Seyfarth

Contract Logistic

Contract logistics is on everybody’s lips. It differs from the usual storage business in the following aspects:

  • Longer, contractually secured running times
  • In part, large investments in area and machines
  • Close and extensive cooperation in several sectors such as storage, commissioning, transports in procurement and sales logistics as well as, frequently, assembly.
  • Projects with turnover > 1m €
  • IT interfaces with constant data exchange


Matthias Seyfarth

Consumer Goods Logistics

From storage to handling and commissioning, your goods are in professional hands with us: safe, flexible and efficient.

We create individual logistics concepts for you, consolidate your flow of goods and bring it to your customers on time:

Sample from our offered services:

  • Scanning
  • Box packaging
  • Repacking
  • Disposal
  • Return management
  • Alarm system/intrusion detection system
  • Hygrometer and temperature sensor
  • Handling customs formalities
  • Storing and distributing seasonal goods
  • Multi Order Picking
  • Pick by voice


Trust the professional: We are happy to tailor a logistics concept for you.


Matthias Seyfarth

High End Logistics with Fritz

Logistics today means more than the general organisation and allocation of goods, information and people flow.

We understand modern logistics as the creation of tailored processes and solutions along the value chain – conceived individually for every customer and his or her needs. Thereby, every customer receives their logistical “made-to-measure suit” – cost-effective and highly efficient.

Constant process observation, verification, process optimisation and information transparency provide the decisive advantages for our customers.

Because of our decades of experience in the sector of logistical services, we are always ready to and capable of going down new paths together with our customers in order to meet the most individual requirements and wishes. In-house logistics, outsourcing, state-of-the-art warehouse logistics, automotive and chemical logistics, engineering logistics, consumer goods logistics and the commissioning of parts (also in the Multi Order Picking procedure) – there is barely a logistics bridge we cannot cross.

We enjoy tackling new challenges and are always highly motivated, innovative and curious. However, we always rely on our experience. We don’t conduct experiments with unknown results. Therefore, we openly communicate whenever there might be a logistical task which we cannot fulfil 100 %.

Through the permanent exchange of planning-relevant data, we can synchronise procurement, production and sales planning at the different levels and thereby react to disturbances immediately.

We are your reliable, experienced and competent partner. Open, prompt communication, clever emergency concepts and 24 hour reachability of contact persons guarantee the highest possible reliability and service.

Give us a try!

We will gladly visit you at your location, or you can pay us a visit and we can show you our range of products and our warehouses in real-time operation.

FAQs - You have questions about our high-end logistics? Then you will already find the first answers here, which we have compiled for you!

What storage options do you offer?

Our industry focus is on automotive, engineering logistics, food and chemical logistics. In line with these industry requirements, we offer you different storage options for individual needs.

What are the packaging options?

As the customer, you specify the packaging. Because you know the requirements of your goods in shipping. We will be happy to advise you on the requirements of the individual types of transport. Please contact our managing partner, Mr. Wolfram Fritz, at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or call +49 7131/1573-3111.

What are the costs?

The logistics costs depend on the rental period, the handling costs and the storage and retrieval costs. For concrete cost planning, please contact our managing partner, Mr. Wolfram Fritz, at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or by phone at +49 7131/1573-3111.

Is there a minimum storage quantity?

Yes, this is determined individually in the offer.

Are our stored goods insured?

Which insurance is taken over by whom is regulated individually by contract.

What kind of products can I store with you?

This depends on the requirements of the products for the storage location. As a rule, we do not store refrigerated products and class 1 and 7 hazardous substances.

Do you have further or other questions? Then please feel free to contact us.

You can reach your contact person, our managing partner Mr. Wolfram Fritz, directly at fritz@fritz-gruppe.de or by phone at +49 7131/1573-3111.

Chemical Logistics

Disclosure of information to the public according to § 11 of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance

In the chemical logistics sector, we offer our customers a consistent and holistic service on 26,530 square metres of storage area in 16 fire compartments and different grid sizes from transport handling, storing and commissioning up to procurement logistics and container stowing.

Due to decades of experience in the field of hazardous substances and dangerous goods, we are aware of handling and product-specific preventive measures. We have a permanent specially-trained staff, the knowledge, and the technical and spatial requirements for storage and accident prevention. And of course, we have a highly reliable emergency concept. Our employees are kept up-to-date and "alert" through constant training and emergency exercises. In this way, we can guarantee you and your customers the highest level of safety and reliability.

We have permission to store:

  • Hazardous materials of storage classes 2 - 6 and 8 - 13
  • Inflammable liquids H-statements 224 - 226
  • Substances of water hazard classes 1 - 3
  • Different chambers in order to avoid forbidden mixed storage
  • Large areas for storing aerosols and pressure vessels

Our value added services for you:

  • All services from a single source
  • We are able to work entirely paper-free and to synchronize data with you constantly through already implemented interfaces to your ERP system (for example SAP)
  • Block and high-rack shelves, depending on customer requirements
  • Repacking
  • Container stowing
  • Heatable storage areas
  • Temperature-controlled transports for frost-sensitive goods
  • In-house logistics
  • Decanting containers
  • Sampling
  • Production supply

Our state-of-the-art fleet fulfils all safety and environmental guidelines (technical gases, hydrochloric acid, ethanol transports)


  • Electric and hydraulic pumps
  • Compressor
  • ANA system (attention button with emergency stop)
  • Vapour return house
  • Multiple chambers
  • Limit indicator (overspill protection)

Extra service for your: Our in-house environmental management representative, as environment and safety expert, has been consulting our customers in all questions pertaining to hazardous goods for years.


  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001


Matthias Seyfarth

Automotive Logistics

With nearly 25 years of experience in the area of logistics services for the automotive industry, we have continually expanded our range of services and offer our customers tailored solutions along the value chain.

  • Just in sequence commissioning through state-of-the-art technology
  • Just in time deliveries
  • String of pearls approach according to OEM guidelines
  • Delivery to OEM up to assembly location
  • Assembly of individual components
  • Implemented IT interface to OEM
  • Storage with fork lift control system
  • Process validation through scanning
  • Block and high-rack shelves, depending on customer requirements
  • Canopied loading and offloading areas
  • Heatable storage areas
  • Repacking of various goods
  • Efficiency improvement and cost reduction through intelligent container management
  • Optimisation of individual procurement and distribution solutions
  • Constant CIP dialogue
  • In-house logistics
  • Certification VDA 6.2


Peter Abel
Automotive Logistics Lead
Tel.: +49 7131/289-0
Fax: +49 7131/1573-7930

FAQs - We are happy to answer your questions.

How long does it take to import a vehicle or vehicle part?

The import duration of a vehicle depends on the customs requirements. In the EU area, the usual transit times for general cargo and cargo are decisive. Depending on the distance, the duration is between 24 and 96 hours.

To which countries can we ship vehicles or vehicle parts?

Vehicles and vehicle parts can be shipped throughout the EU without customs restrictions.

What are the pickup costs?

Freight costs depend on the distance and weight of the respective shipment. For concrete cost planning, please contact our divisional manager for automotive logistics, Mr. Peter Abel, at peter.abel@fritz-gruppe.de or by phone at +49 7131/289-0.

I need a production part as soon as possible. How fast can you deliver?

By express delivery we provide a vehicle within 60 minutes after the order. The delivery time depends on the distance and legal requirements. You can find out more about this under express deliveriers.

You have further questions? Then please feel free to contact us!

Our division manager for automotive logistics, Mr. Peter Abel, will be happy to assist you by e-mail (peter.abel@fritz-gruppe.de) or by phone (+49 7131/289-0).