Express Deliveries

Fast - flexible - reliable! 24 hours - 365 days a year

Every day we conduct over 80 express deliveries for our customers. From the passenger car to the mega-trailer, we always provide you with the right means of transport.

Our services in the express delivery sector:

  • Certified (TÜV DIN/EN: ISO) partner in all of Germany and Europe (direct tours and express deliveries Germany-wide and Europe-wide)


  • Airplane and helicopter chartering/global on-board-courier


  • Access to vehicles of all types and sizes as well as transparent information regarding the transport by means of GPS


  • Customs clearance


  • Procurement logistics


  • Warehouse service


  • Personal contact persons who can be reached around the clock and seven days a week


  • Milk runs


  • Cross docking


  • Hazardous goods transports


  • Passenger car transports


  • Individual service by our experienced team


Gian Franco Greco
Tel.: 07131/1573-3218
Fax: 07131/1573-7902

Food Transports

Temperature-controlled food transports pose great challenges and demand long term market experience and the know-how of our employees. With perfect technique and service as well as constant control we guarantee the scheduled delivery of your food.

  • Stable transport temperatures – from pick-up to arrival at the destination


  • Regular running time of 24 hours,  notification until 01:00 PM on the previous day


  • In the full load sector we can ensure temperatures of -28°C to +25°C


Our modernly equipped fleet enables a broad range of services and thereby offers the right solution for nearly all transport requirements. Of course, all of our vehicles are maintained frequently in our in-house workshop and thereby stand for highest reliability.

  • Temperatur controlled trailers with double-deck
  • Temperatur controlled with double-deck and lifting platform
  • Temperatur controlled with separating wall
  • Thermo trailers
  • Boxtrailers
  • Swap body trucks, partially double-deck
  • Tank trailers for food ethanol (GGVSEB – dangerous goods regulation road, rail, inland waters)
  • Customs-approved measurement chamber vehicles

Our tank trailers are equipped with pumps, suitable connecting pieces and hose variants, ANA (attention button with emergency stop) system and customs seal.

We will also gladly store your products according to the latest IFS standard and HACCP concept.


Jürgen Kniehl
Manager FTL/LTL Services
Tel.: 07131/1573-3161
Fax: 07131/1573-7940

Waste Transports

Leave your trash to us!

The Fritz Group has a transport license according to § 49 Par. 1, § 50 Par. 2 Nr.1 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act. This license is indefinite and applies to all federal states and all waste types according to the European waste catalogue.


Jürgen Kniehl
Manager FTL/LTL Services
Tel.: 07131/1573-3161
Fax: 07131/1573-7940