Lithium batteries transportation

Lithium-ion batteries can be transported safely in any condition

The Fritz Group is the dangerous goods expert with many years of experience. We take care of all hazardous goods activities for you in a highly professional manner.

As usual: Everything from a single source!

The transport:

  • The Fritz Group has its own fleet of vehicles for ADR transport, for transporting critically defective batteries and a converted ADR vehicle with six air exchanges.
  • Full service: We take care of everything: (ADR vehicle, 5 ton forklift on board, can be used on site)
  • Permanent temperature monitoring of the Liibox during transport
  • We have the transport permit according to §54 KrWG for collecting and transporting all waste according to the Waste List Ordinance (AW)

The Liiobox:

  • Our patented transport boxes are dangerous goods approved for critically defective batteries according to P911/LP906.
  • With the Liiobox, defective, damaged to critical cells, modules and batteries can be transported safely and without risk.
  • Approval NR./ NO. D/BAM 15854 of the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.
  • Maximum battery size: 2400 x 1500 x 500 mm (89 - 111 kWh) 1,000 kg, for prototypes (SV310) or critically defective batteries (SV376)
  • External dimensions: XL model: 2850 x 1850 x 1345 mm
  • Pressure relief valve, stackable and lockable, with lifting eyes, accessible from all sides with industrial trucks. The battery is also fixed in the box, including mts granules
  • Collection tray made of stainless steel for liquids such as electrolyte or cooling water
  • Integrated extinguishing system
  • Connection to a telematics system, temperature and voltage monitoring
  • GPS tracking of containers

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